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An initiative of the Kerala Arts and Crafts village, Kovalam to support the artisans in the State. It will help connect artisans, craft connoisseurs, enthusiasts and supporters to create a marketplace for crafts during this Onam season. Bring Onam to your homes with crafts, and help bring Onam to the lives of our fine artisans. 


Onam is a gift

A time of the year when the people of Kerala share the bounties of hard work. These exchanges of goodness, greetings and happiness are the warp and weft of our social fabric. Through small acts and gestures, we partake in an unbroken tradition of our people. Onam is also an opportunity to celebrate the cultural richness of our State. Come this Onam, let us share and support the gifted artisans in the State by gifting crafts to each other. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

 "Gift a tradition", an initiative of the Kerala Arts and Crafts village in Kovalam, is aimed at supporting artisans in the State during these difficult times. The pandemic and the resultant crisis have wrecked the livelihood of many of them. Onam season is usually the time when they get rewarded for their hard work. KACV is facilitating a market for their crafts and handloom products by means of this initiative. 

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Becoming A Part Of The Craft Story

Gifting is an expression of love and care that reflects a unique relationship. What we exchange as gifts tells us something about who we are, and what we care about. Artisans have an important role in our society, they help preserve the cultural memory of our land through their works, thus giving the aesthetic experience of Malayalis a quality of permanence. Each craft is unique, and each has a story to tell; and you become a part of that story when you decide to support the makers. 

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