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Harmony of Forms

Kerala’s creativity and intellectual zeal have found expressions in its generations-old handicrafts, folklore, art and architecture. Behind all such expressions is a harmony of cultural values rooted in a symbiotic relationship with nature, humans and knowledge. 

Our Mission

While our eyes form the window to the world, it is the hands that mediate the mind with the matter. From the ancient cave paintings (petroglyphs) to the modern Microprocessors, through wheels, machines and rockets; the history of humanity is also a story of hands etching products of the mind over matter. Crafts have a unique role in this journey; it connects the old and the new, the past with the present, and the function to the aesthetic. 



Designed and Developed by ULCCS 

Through crafts, societies have been able to share knowledge and experience across the divides of borders, language and geographies. It weaves together human creativity and imagination in a timeless manner; thus bringing forth a harmony of forms. The Kerala Arts & Crafts Village in Kovalam is a space where these harmonies of forms can flourish, a place to curate, an opportunity to encounter these handcrafted worlds and an institution to support the artisans who make it.

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